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Data Privacy Policy For Kizana
Last Updated: December 17, 2023

1. Acceptance of Terms
By accessing and using Kizana (hereinafter referred to as "the App"), you agree to comply with and be bound by these Data Privacy terms. These terms are an integral part of the broader Terms and Conditions governing your use of the App.

2. Data Privacy
a. **Data Collection:** By using the App, we will store the photos you upload on our servers for processing, future use, and to refine your experience in the App.
b. **Data Usage:** Your photos are employed to render outfit recommendations based on your preferences, leveraging Image Segmentation and chatbot features. Without your explicit consent, we pledge not to share, sell, or distribute your photos to third parties. Your images remain your property, and we uphold their confidentiality.
c. **Data Retention:** We retain the images you upload for continual processing and to consistently enhance your experience within the App.
d. **Permissions:** The App seeks access to your phone's camera, storage, and location only with your explicit permission. We prioritize your privacy and will never access your photos, camera, or location without prior permission.
e. **User Preferences:** To enhance your experience, Kizana collects and stores user preferences, such as style inclinations and outfit choices, aiming to offer personalized outfit recommendations.

3. Contact
For queries or concerns regarding these Data Privacy terms, please reach out to us at